Stun Guns For Security

Roughly 1.5 million are targets of violent crime. Law Enforcement will not be around to defend you, using a stun gun is a wonderful option to a hand gun.

If you’re a victim of a criminal activity, it may cause you to behave in ways which you cannot comprehend. During the criminal offenses, you typically feel sense of weakness, fear, then frustration. Following that, you might have trouble concerning life activities that before posed no challenges. A conflict usually grows involving the notion of the world before the offense and your perception of the world after the tragedy.

Just how can you defend yourself these days? Handguns are deadly weapons that do stop criminals, though they have extreme ramifications. Not just could you be faced with a serious crime, most states prevent having a weapon without getting a licence of some kind, if one is available at all. Most likely, you are breaking many laws and regulations simply by carrying a loaded weapon with you.

Presently there a wide range of models of self-defense weapons; defensive sprays, tasers, knives, alarms, batons, and a wide variety of stun guns in many shapes, dimensions, and voltages.

A stun gun uses very high voltage and very low amperage to affect the muscle and neurological systems of the human body. They do not use high amperage for results, virtually all stun guns operate on milliamps. The stun gun deposits it’s electricity in the muscle tissues at a very high pulse frequency. This makes the muscle tissue contract rapidly, that results in energy loss, of which depletes your muscles of vital blood sugars. The assailant simply cannot develop energy for his muscle tissues, and fatigued, their body is unable to perform properly for up to 15 minutes. The ensuing power reduction makes it tough to move and function. This causes disorientation and loss in stability, giving the assailant in a unaggressive and baffled situation. Just a 1/4 second contact can reject and surprise the attacker, giving strong pain and muscle tissue contraction. One to two seconds will result in strong discomfort, muscle tissue spasms along with a dazed state of mind; this could drop the attacker to the ground. Above three seconds will cause serious pain, lack of stability and muscle control mental confusion, and disorientation. Normally any kind of charge over 3 seconds will cause the aggressor to fall to the ground. The assailant will be unable to recoup for several minutes and results may possibly continue for up to 15 minutes. This provides you ample amounts of time to run for safety.

Stun guns have been verified to be risk-free and efficient non-lethal self-defense products. They will not lead to any permanent injury to an assailant because of the voltage; its the amps which will hurt a person. 1 amp will kill a person. The majority of stun guns deliver just 3 milliamps or less, that is three millionths of 1 amp. That is certainly far under the amperage that may inflict long lasting damage to a person.

Before choosing a stun weapon, you should make certain they are legal where you live. You could look at stun gun laws and limitations for some general guideline. If in doubt, contact your local law enforcement department.

The Guns of Chicago

Every year during the summer months a number of Chicagoans get killed because of gang violence. The politicians are always called upon to do “something.” The most “media friendly” thing to do is to blame it all on gun ownership.

The media had a great time this month covering all the anti gun marches. They were staged by, none other than the “King of Political Correctness,” Rev. Jesse Jackson, aided by his comrade, the pastor of Saint Sabina Church, Father Michael Pfleger. Chicago’s Mayor, Richard M. Daley, threw in some anti gun rants of his own, while TV cameras rolled.

On one occasion Jackson and Pfleger marched on Chuck’s Gun Shop in Riverdale. According to several sources, Father Pfleger twice threatened to “snuff out” the owner of the store. I’m all for free speech, but it’s interesting how hypocritical “political correctness” can be. Don Imus just made a bad choice of words on his radio show. His mistake was spread by the media throughout the world and eventually resulted in his firing. Father Pfleger, on the other hand, threatened to kill a law abiding citizen, yet there was very little mention of it in the media. It seems that if you’re on the “pro-media” side, you are allowed freedom of speech, otherwise, your reputation could be ruined.

Another headline grabbing program was the plea to turn in your gun at designated churches and police stations with no questions asked. For this good deed you would get a one hundred dollar debit MasterCard.

On Saturday July 22, 2007 the city of Chicago, collected 6700 guns from its citizens. This “event” gave the local media days of the “heart wrenching” news coverage they crave. According to the media, this year, Chicago’s gun turn-in program was the largest ever, even beating all other gun turn-in programs throughout the country.

There are several reasons why I think such programs are bad for America.

  1. The guns are turned in anonymously. Some of the guns could have been used in the commission of capital crimes. It will be harder to prosecute someone if the weapon he committed the crime with was turned over to the city and destroyed.
  2. Guns that are old and don’t work well can be turned in to get a down payment to buy a more modern weapon.
  3. Instead of destroying all the guns, some may wind up as police secondary weapons known also as “throw aways.” Recent events have shown that the Chicago Police Department can’t be trusted.
  4. Hardened criminals, who aren’t concerned with ditching the evidence, will never turn in their guns.
  5. Statistically, gun turn in programs do not reduce crime.

God-given rights are protected by the U.S. Constitution. One of the God-given rights is the right to life. It, then follows, that you have the right to protect your life. In the modern world, gun ownership is a reasonable means of protecting your life from criminal elements. Chicago’s law prohibiting gun ownership in the city is not only unconstitutional, but violates a God-given right to protect one’s self.

Chicago leaders insist that we can adequately be protected by the Chicago Police Department. This month the media discovered the existence of a list of hundreds of police officers that had more than ten complaints from the public. Recently, there were officers on trial for robbing drug dealers, beating up a female bar tender, and assorted other night club incidents. I’ve been told by a former policeman that there are a lot of alcoholic officers out there, but related statistics are hard to find. With such a reputation, it’s hard to believe that the current police force can effectively act as our “guardian angels.”

Even if the police force is perfect, officers only arrive after the crime has been committed. Having a weapon can deter the criminal and save our lives and the lives of our loved ones. Chicago’s law, however, makes it illegal to save your own life if it’s done with a firearm.

Taking guns off the streets does not reduce crime, but doing the opposite works a lot better. Everywhere concealed carry laws (laws that allow ordinary citizens to carry weapons) have been enacted the crime rate plummeted. Guns in the hands of reasonable people lower crime.

Kennesaw, Georgia is known as “Gun Town USA.” In March 1982 the small town of Kennesaw unanimously passed an ordinance requiring each head of household to own and maintain a gun. Kennesaw’s law was amended in 1983 to exclude convicted felons, those who conscientiously object to firearm ownership, and those with a mental or physical disability that would make firearm ownership dangerous. The crime rate fell after this law was passed, and even though the population grew five fold, the crime rate is still lower than the pre-1982 rate. This town has also remained murder free during the past twenty-five years.

Realistically, Kennesaw doesn’t have street gangs like Chicago. The citizens of Chicago haven’t been able to legally own guns since 1982, yet gang related shootings are still common. It is illogical for Chicago officials to think that stricter gun laws are going to stop the gangs. Gangs don’t care about the law, and they’ll still be able to get as many guns as they want. On the other hand, law abiding citizens have to depend on Chicago’s highly flawed police force for their protection.

For the record, I don’t personally own a gun. I’ve fired a rifle many years ago when I was in the army. Right now, I carry a small can of mace as protection. One day, I expect the city’s control-freak lawmakers to even ban the mace. If it were legal, I’d get a small pistol and carry it in addition to the mace. I’d learn everything about my weapon and periodically go to a gun range so that I could practice hitting my intended target properly. Ever since I’ve been carrying my mace(30 years), I’ve never had to use it. The same would hold true if I was carrying a gun. The difference would be that I’d have a stronger sense of safety and more peace of mind.

It’s time for Chicago politicians and preachers to wise up. Reverend Jackson, Father Pfleger, and you too Mayor Daley, more gun control will not affect the carnage. The nature of our corporate alien society is what drives the gangs. Rising poverty, dissolution of the family, “politically correct” schools, and “audience hungry” media are some of the real factors that need to be addressed.

A Truck Gun Rack Ensures Safe and Convenient Storage

Do you own a pick up truck and a firearm? If yes, you badly require a very crucial small gadget. This is a truck gun rack. It is an item used to hold pistols, rifles or shotguns in trucks. Guns and their racks are legal in many states. All the same, you must not ignore the laws put in place to control gun possession and usage. Situations happen when least expected. For example, someone could take your gun and use it to commit crime.

Do you know whom they would hold responsible for the crime? That person would be the registered owner of the weapon. This is the reason why you must always make it difficult for people to steal your guns. A rack also keeps the rifles away from children. You already know children are curious and could do drastic and serious actions with a pistol. The easiest way you could lose your rifle is carrying it in your car.

Whether you want to go fishing, hunting, hiking, camping and so on, pack your rifle with its utility rack. If stored this way, everybody else will see the gun, but you alone has the power to unpack and use it. If you did not know, a few states have strict laws concerning firearm transportation. They do not agree with the use racks, as these items do not hide the weapons. You could keep your rifles safely in wooden or metallic portable cabinets in such cases.

Unfortunately, in case a dangerous situation arises, you cannot depend on your gun if kept in a cabinet. This is why a simpler track gun rack is the best. There are many types of rifle racks available. If you were looking to purchase some, your best bet would be the Internet. Take your time to search the best web stores and read customer reviews. Every time people buy and use an item, they always take their time to write a review. If an item is good and reliable or disappointing, you could tell if you read.

All the same, you need to know in advance that most racks feature metal or wood construction. The former are very strong and durable, but they are bulky. Good examples include metal pegboards with shelves and levered hooks. They can support a bunch of heavy guns, making them durable and reliable than wooden styles. Luckily, these are not expensive. Wooden gun racks comes in a wide range. Some are simple and others are intricate. A typical rack for guns is not difficult to construct with two by four shorter wood pieces.

If do not have time for this project, simply buy ready made items over the Internet. Magnetic rifle racks are other amazing options for storing a bunch of guns for transportation. Some of them support the total weight of a rifle. The majority of them store weapons standing, such that the butts rest on a shelf. These items cannot slip and fall and retrieval is simple. If you want to have one simple, but elegant track gun rack today, you should find it online.

Harder Laws Reduce the Federal Firearms License

Harder laws and more rigorous enforcement cost nearly 200000 U.S. gun dealers their federal firearms licenses since the mid-1990s. Guided by abrupt declines in states including Washington D.C., CA and FL, the amount of federally licensed firearms traders fell seventy-nine percent across the nation since 1994, subsequent to Congress adopting gun-control measures that yet set off argument.

The abrupt drop in gun dealers is among the most crucial, and little acknowledged, triumphs in the effort to bring down firearms violence in the Americas,” was a statement made an analyst with the Violence Policy Center.

The down slope is undeniable. What it entails is more controversial.

In 1994, 245,628 United States. Residents carried federal firearm license letting them sell firearms. In CA, the country’s most thickly settled state, there were 20,148 license holders, and in the capital of the United States, there were 5,724.

At present, there are 50,630 of the alleged Type 1 federal firearms licenses. A Federal Firearms License, or FFL, is a permit that enables a person or a company to operate in a business relating to the fabrication of firearms and ammo or the interstate and intrastate sale of firearms.

In CA, the number of permits fell to 2,120 this year. In the capital of the United States, the number was depressed to 857, a decay of about eighty-five percent.

The number of licenses, also, fell more than eighty percent since 1994 in FL, LA and GA, amidst additional states. Even the state with the littlest reduction in certified dealers — MT — saw a sixty-eight percent decay.

The decay in licenses started after United States Congress okayed in 1993 the alleged Brady Bill, cited for former White House press secretary James Brady, who was hurt in a 1981 assassination endeavor on Reagan. The 1993 jurisprudence and a subsequent 1994 anti-crime law brought down fresh limitations.

The federal firearms license that at one time cost $ten a year now cost $two hundred a year for the first 3 years. Appliers now must render photos and fingerprints and inform local law of their plans. In numerous cases, those losing licenses were “kitchen-table” bargainers, who worked from their homes instead of from stores.

Littler shops merely can’t afford some of that,” stated by a representative for the NRA. (NRA-Governing organization for the sport of shooting with rifles and handguns.)

All the same, Department of Justice records suggest total firearm sales have stayed approximately even in recent years.

With the entering Obama presidential term positions on gun control, it looks likely that your Second Amendment Rights are more in peril than ever before. If he makes up his mind to place further limits on gun ownership or makes it more difficult to obtain a Federal Firearms License, you might not have time to get it in place prior to the changes taking effect. Get your license now to avoid any further rules and regulations.

Why Do US Politicians Support the UN’s Global Gun Grab? Part 12 in The Right Response

Is the Sandy Hook tragedy being used by the administration to implement the United Nation’s Arms Trade Treaty – the global gun grab? Many other shooting sprees have resulted in equally cynical gun ban attempts across the world. Are gun laws to control guns, or to control people instead?

The British Gun Grab

The 1987 English shooting spree in the town of Hungerford killed sixteen people before the shooter killed himself. Britain already had strict gun control laws, the public and even the police were unarmed. If gun bans decrease the slaughter, how come so many were killed? Many hours passed before armed officials came to the rescue.

In 1996, nine years later, a man with a history of mental instability walked into a Dunblane, Scotland, primary school and murdered sixteen young children along with their teacher. He wounded many others before taking his own life.

British Results

Ignoring the obvious – the lack of guns in responsible hands had vastly increased the slaughter – the British government instituted even stricter control over gun ownership.

The unfortunate results? Total failure, the British Telegraph newspaper reports that*:

“The United Kingdom is the violent crime capital of Europe… The total number of violent offenses recorded compared to population is higher than any other country in Europe, as well as America, Canada, Australia and South Africa.”

In Britain, with a virtually complete ban on guns, burglaries with the occupant at home occur half the time whereas, in America, hot burglaries account only some ten percent of break-ins. A study by criminologists Rossi and Wright found that US burglars are more afraid of armed homeowners than they are of the police**.

The Australian Gun Grab

In 1966, six weeks after the 1996 Dunblane massacre, an Australian with a history of violence, attacked tourists in Port Arthur, Tasmania with semiautomatic rifles. He killed 35 people and wounded 21 others.

Ignoring the painfully obvious conclusion that the lack of guns in responsible hands vastly increased the slaughter, the Australian government instituted even stricter control over gun ownership with the National Firearms Agreement.

Australian Results

Such drastic government action must have been highly effective, right? No. Absolutely not! Once again, the evidence emphasizes the ineffectiveness of yet more controls on guns.

In 2008, the Australian Institute of Criminology reported a decrease of 9% in homicides and a one-third decrease in armed robbery since the 1990s, but an increase of over 40% in assaults and 20% in sexual assaults.

A 2003 Brookings Institution study found that homicides just “continued a modest decline.” The use of handguns went up sharply, but just one out of 117 gun homicides used a registered gun in the following two years. Suicides with firearms went down but suicides by other means went up.

They did report a “modest reduction in the severity” of massacres in the following five years which involved knives, gas and arson rather than firearms. Yet, during the same period, deaths attributed to firearms in America dropped by nearly ten times the decline seen in Australia.

This video on their gun ban results, which includes feedback from Australian police, says it all.***

European Results

Supporters of a one world government would gain clarity by exploring the enormous problems in Europe. The European Union has centralized more and more controls over the whole continent resulting in more and more citizens becoming highly dissatisfied with the EU.

European bureaucrats blithely ignore the wishes of individual countries as they “harmonize” – implement – unpopular centralized laws and regulations maintaining that one size should fit all. But harmonization simply eliminates the benefits of competition, making government failure even more evident. Very few European citizens are happy about the resultant decline in Europe’s economic performance.

The 2011 riots in Britain demonstrated just how gun bans disempower you. Citizens were unable to defend themselves or their property against the rioters – and nor were the police.

Guns Provide Protection against the More Powerful

The USA constitution says “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” for a very good reason.

Look at the students massacred by the government at Kent State University; the innocent citizens slaughtered by the government at Waco, and the increasingly inhumane treatment of protestors such as the Occupy Wall Street group. That very good reason is to ensure you can protect yourself from both others and oppressive governments.

Yet some politicians want to deny law-abiding citizen their right to defend themselves. They pretend that gun bans protect you. But as US Senate candidate Dan Bongino explains: “There’s no such thing as gun control, only people control.”

Are President Obama and other gun-control enthusiasts cynically using this horrible tragedy as another political opportunity? Are they trying to implement the UN’s global gun control agenda and overturn the US Constitution?

Increasing Dissatisfaction with Federal Control

Dissatisfaction at increasing federal interference can be seen in the USA. Resentment is mounting at federal attempts to usurp powers rightfully reserved to the several states. State legislatures in Arizona, Texas and Wyoming, among others, have presented bills to emphasize their constitutional rights to ignore federal gun laws.

The backlash against increasingly powerful central governments demonstrate the real problem. Thoughtful citizens increasingly recognize the endemic problem of government failure – the government’s incompetence at that most fundamental government task: protecting both citizens and their property.

Food for Thought

“It is clear that the Framers… counted the right to keep and bear arms among those fundamental rights necessary to our system of ordered liberty.”

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito in 2010

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