The Double Trouble Stun Gun Is Very Effective

The city is full of opportunities for committing crimes. Law enforcement officers are not always there to help everyone who needs help. Any one of us may be attacked when least expected. With these things in mind, it would be a great idea to be always prepared to protect yourself and your love ones in case of an attack. There are many self defense gadgets and weapons that you can equip yourself. The choice you make is really up to you as there is really no perfect self defense weapon. You must still compensate for the disadvantages of your chosen weapon.

If you chose a stun device as your self-defense weapon of choice, it is highly recommended for you to use the Double Trouble Stun Gun. This stun device has been well known as one of the most powerful stun devices legally available in the market today. It features shock probes each of them capable of emitting 600,000 volts of power on dual ends bringing its zapping power to a total of 1,200,00 volts. Despite its high voltage, this is NOT a lethal weapon as it merely emits a non-fatal 3 milliamperes of electrical energy.

The key to the effectiveness of this product is that the dual ends allow the user more chance of getting the stun gun in contact with the opponent. Moreover, the stopping power of this genius product is also reinforced because of the larger gap between the electrodes. While standard stun guns merely have a gap of 1.5 inches between the electrodes, this weapon has an interval of 5 inches between each electrode. This feature has been proven by science to be more effective in dispersing the electrical current more efficiently towards the target’s body.

Aside from the doubled stunning power of the Double Trouble Stun Gun, it is designed to fit comfortably in a person’s clenched fist. In a simple flick of the thumb, it is activated and ready to put any assailant hard on the floor. Its rubber coated grip allows the user to make a firm grasp on the weapon where it is needed the most. Your assailant will have an extremely hard time yanking the stun gun away from you. Furthermore, the protruding ends of the stun gun may also serve as a punching weapon. The sharp electrodes may also be used as claws to scratch or even lacerate the assailant in case of an attack.

Gun Control Does Not Reduce Crime

There always seems to be a lot of propaganda that is distributed to the public that gun control will reduce crime. Unfortunately if the guns are taken away from the public the only people that will posses the guns will be the criminals! There are a lot of examples to the contrary that gun control will reduce crime. It has been noted that 2.5 million crimes per year have been thwarted from citizens that bare arms. A good example of this is the home invasion that was adverted in Tucson Arizona. A homeowner, alerted of an impending home invasion by his security cameras, arms himself and takes matters into his hands when four armed suspects attempt to break into his home. The bottom line is… the second amendment is Americas’ original homeland security.

If we look at the states that have strict gun control we find it contradictory that gun control will reduce crime. In 1996 New Jersey passed one of the most stringent gun laws in the United States. It is interesting to note that within two years the New Jersey murder rate raised 46% and their robberies almost doubled. In Washington DC a major gun control law was passed in 1976. The murder rate soared 134%. The law that was put into place was so stringent that they stopped people from owning guns in their homes. Hawaii in 1968 passed stringent gun laws, within 9 years their murder rate tripled to 7.2 people per 100,000. It is also known that New York City has very restrictive gun laws and close to 20% of all armed robberies happen in New York City. This is proof that criminals are not dumb; they will commit a crime in an area that they will have less of a possibility of harm.

Private citizens kill 2,000 to 3,000 criminals per year in the United States. They also wound 9,000 – 17,000. The citizen that is motivated by protecting themselves, their family or property will be much more likely to shoot than a police officer. Not to mention that by the time the police arrive at your home after a 911 call they will be most likely taking a police report or chalking out the lines around the bodies. The bottom line is that we should have the right to defend ourselves and our property.

Rhode Island’s Gun Regulations

Many people across the US enjoy recreational activities involving guns, such as hunting or target practice. Many Americans are also interested in keeping a gun in their home for the purposes of self defense. There are many things a responsible gun owner should know, such as proper use of their gun, safety precautions and any legal regulations of firearms that their state may have. To help people learn this important information, this article will describe gun regulations in the state of Rhode Island.

Who can purchase a gun?

In the interest of protecting its citizens, the government of Rhode Island does not allow certain people who may be dangerous or difficult to keep track of to purchase any kind of firearm. In this state, people who have been legally declared mentally incompetent due to a mental or emotional disorder are not allowed to own firearms. Similarly, people who have been legally determined to be drug addicts or alcoholics, or anyone currently in treatment for one of these problems, is prohibited from buying a gun. People with a prior conviction of a violent crime, fugitives from justice and illegal immigrants are also legally banned from buying or using firearms.

People under the age of eighteen can only purchase guns with the consent of a parent or legal guardian, and can only use their guns while under close supervision. You must be 21 or older to purchase a handgun, regardless of parental consent.

For people qualified to purchase firearms, there is a seven day waiting period.

How can I use my gun?

In Rhode Island, you must apply for a permit from the government before you can go hunting. Some animals, such as deer, can only be hunted in certain seasons. People who are barred from owning guns for the reasons listed above are also barred from obtaining hunting licenses.

People living in this state have a legal right to protect themselves against attackers or trespassers on their property. In the event of a burglary, this state does not have a “duty to retreat” law. This means that if someone invades your property, and you have reason to believe that you are in immediate danger of bodily harm, you can use whatever force is necessary to protect yourself. This includes the use of firearms in self-defense.

How should I store my gun?

In this state, gun owners are legally required to keep guns stored safely away from children, defined as anyone under 16. If a child obtains a gun and injures their self or another person, the owner of that gun is legally responsible.

For more information about gun regulation, contact Rhode Island weapons crimes attorney James Powderly.

Criminal Law: Are Gun Related Offences on the Increase?


The issue of guns being used for criminal purposes is not new to society and have been used since there invention by both criminals and law abiding citizens alike. There has been, however, an alarming increase within the United Kingdom were guns have been used during criminal offences. As stated before, guns have always been available to the criminal fraternity, so why has there been a sudden increase in their use within the United Kingdom. This article will assess the whether there has been an explosion of gun crime in the United Kingdom over the past two decades. The facts and figures that support the assertion that gun crime is on the increase will need to be examined first. There are many sources which have released conflicting statistics regarding the escalation of guns used in criminal activities. If the general overall perception is that gun crime is on the increase, the factors for this belief will be assessed next. There are the obvious sociological implications regarding why gun crime has exploded, however, is this rise due to the fact that guns are easier to get hold of in today’s society. Evidence supporting this assertion will be considered. Finally, if gun crime is on the increase, the possible solutions of curtailing this trend will be considered. This article will conclude that in relation to public perceptions, statistics do not matter. The state of affairs regarding the rise in gun crime is played out in the media by those with hidden agendas, those who have a vested interest in giving police more powers to carry guns, and of course, those who wish to sell more papers.

Figures Don’t Lie but Liars Can Figure

There are many sources that state that gun crime in the United Kingdom is spiralling out of control. Some terrifying statements have been made regarding the use of guns in today’s society. Indeed, David Bamber has claimed that gun crime has trebled as weapons and drugs flood British cities (Home Affairs Correspondent Filed: 24/02/2002). An independent report by Illegal Firearms in the UK, (Centre for Defence Studies at King’s College in London) states that handguns were used in 3,685 offences last year compared with 2,648 in1997, an increase of 40 per cent. These statistics are pretty intimidating. If anybody was taking these two sources of information literally, anybody would think that we are living in a lawless society. Are these statistics a true reflection of the state of affairs regarding gun crime within the United Kingdom? Gun crime, according to the Home office has risen 3% in the last year, and this has followed a 2% rise from the previous year. Nevertheless, there has been a 15% reduction in the death rate for gun related crime. Indeed, Hazel Blears Home office and MP for Salford has stated that crime has fallen for the last 20 years with people less likely to be a victim of crime than 20 years ago. It is possible to deduce from these figures that there is a slight rise in gun crime. Gun ownership is tightly controlled in the UK, but anyone reading the newspapers or watching TV would think that the streets were full of gun-toting criminals. The overall level of gun crime remains low, but it is certainly true that in some areas guns are a feature of everyday life, and that over the last four years crime involving the use of some kind of gun has been on the increase.What are the possible explanations for this?

Sociological Explanations for the Rise in Gun Crime

Crime has always had a symbiotic relationship with crime. It seems that one cannot exist without the other. This does not explain, however, the rise in gun crime. As stated earlier, guns have been available in one form or another for centuries, so why is it only now that society is experiencing a rise in gun crime. According to Newsarchive 4 gun crime is mainly concentrated in three areas; these areas are Metropolitan area, Greater Manchester and the West Midlands. In Merseyside there were 57 shootings during the 12 months to last December 2003 compared with 15 in the same period the year before. Greater Manchester also recorded a 23 per cent increase in gun crime and there have been rises in Nottinghamshire, Avon and Somerset, West Yorkshire and the Northumbria Police area which covers Newcastle. There are many who have opinions as to why gun crime has escalated. Singer and campaigner Mica Paris asserts that it is the feeling of exclusion that compels people in society to indulge in criminality and carry guns. The question remains as to whether guns are now easier to come by? Detectives in London have asserted that the illegal importation of guns started after the end of the Bosnia conflict and that they are changing hands for as little as £200. This would certainly explain why guns are becoming increasingly easier to get hold of. What can society do to stop this rise in gun crime?

Possible Solutions to Curtail the Rise in Gun Crime

There have been various schemes to curtail the rise in gun crime. The Metropolitan Police issued a gun amnesty were members of the public were urged the public to surrender any illegally held weapon, or ammunition, without fear of prosecution. The problem with this amnesty is that when people buy these guns, they are well aware that they are breaking the law. The law is not an active deterrent for anybody purchasing firearms. Whilst it is not the contention of the author that all such projects are doomed to failure, projects such as these do stink of public relations exercises, and one must question their effectiveness. It has been suggested that tougher penalties for carrying and using guns may reduce criminal offences that involve guns. Once again, people who purchase these guns are not deterred by the law. How can they be if they have gone out and purchased the guns in the knowledge that they are committing an offence? One possible solution would be to stop actively encouraging children to buy imitation guns as toys. What message are we as a society sending out when we advertise guns to children? There is also the question as to who make the guns in the first place. Now it is not being suggested that all guns throughout the world should be removed, but the present state of affairs reeks of hypocrisy when it is debated in the context of invading countries with bombs for oil.


The evidence above suggests that there has been a slight increase in gun crime throughout the United Kingdom in the past two decades, although this rise has been confined mostly to areas engulfed in poverty. There is the added assertion that the rise in gun crime is connected to the drug trade. When are governments throughout the world going to learn that by prohibiting drug use, all they are doing is passing the trade to criminals who will do anything to defend their lucrative trade. Laws prohibiting guns are an effective deterrent, however, they only deter people who have a stake in society. Tackling poverty is another potential weapon to reduce gun crime, and there is a coordinated policy being undertaken to deal with this issue. Nevertheless, gun crime is not as severe as many would have society believe, although it does make exciting headlines.

It’s the Law

We are a nation of law, not men. This is the mantra of the people who make law, day after day, century after century. Can we ever tire of hearing we must behave a certain way because it’s the law? Not only is it the law, ignorance of it is no excuse. Since no American home can contain it all in paper volumes, ignorance of the law is a natural fact of life, excuse or not. That which we have and can’t possibly know is never enough because lawmaking and enforcement are lucrative growth industries to benefit a few at the expense of many.

Government of the people, by the people, for the people can only exist on the local level and then only until a “superior” government of the people, by the rich, for the rich, supplants it. It is not ignorance of the law that enslaves us, it is our ignorance of its origins that does so. The rich exploiters of humanity write the laws we live by and have their professional servants transcribe them into the proper jargon. Jargon that makes them difficult or impossible to understand until after one has been charged with a violation that demands professional defense. How convenient for the ever expanding law profession. There appears to be a huge conflict of interest in allowing lawyers to write any laws. They and politicians are the lap dogs of the powerful. Legal guns.

Statute law which is given much more weight than diivine law, traditional common law and natural law; is mostly created by people who profit by controlling the behaviors of their ignorant and busy servants. These rich and powerful people define and control the education of their subjects. An education to convince us all we are accidental beings living lives of accidental circumstance, of no particular value. No master is responsible for anything that happens in global events but servants are responsible for their own compliant behavior. When a servant rebels, the servant is processed through the masters’ just us system and locked in a cage. We call this freedom and justice because our masters tell us it is freedom and justice, from the time we enter their youth indoctrination centers.

Guaranteed a jury of your peers, the definition of peer is any ignorant person who will follow the instructions of some judge. One who knows nothing about the suppression of evidence and criminal behaviors occurring daily in the masters’ courts. The few who discover this fraud become even more angry and rebellious so their punishment becomes a most useful example to others who might not be compliant enough to make life easy for the masters’ administrators. We give the rebels a label to distinguish them from the compliant. We call them criminals. A criminal is any person who violates any rule. This makes life very simple for the masters and their servants. It makes life intolerable for the non compliant rebels who become full of anger and resentment to the point of violence againt their natural enemies, the compliant servants. The victims of violence rhetorically ask, why me? Then they demand the arrest, conviction and punishment of the rebel. The rebel is later released to injure more servants who will demand more punishment. It is such a clever money scheme that not one in a hundred ever sees it as it is.

Terrorist is the name we give to rebels who see the servants of the rich as the enemies within their reach. Rebels attack and destroy them to create fear and reluctance among survivors. We call their victims innocent because they do not receieve show trials of “justice” for their crimes of serving the masters in rebel courts. Until the rebels decided they would rather die before they would be servants of the rich, the masters did not concern their selves. Now the masters have a serious problem because fear prevents servants from working and tithing the rich. However, when you rule the world, labor problems and economic slowdowns work out over time as people starve and kill each other. All is well that ends well. We can observe this process every day in Iraq.

The difference between the servants and the rebels is that servants lock rebels in cages and rebels simply kill servants. Servants are caring. Rebels are barbaric. In truth the rebels are simply too poor to afford the cages and prisoner support servants can afford. Rebels can recruit servants to become rebels but servants cannot recruit rebels to become servants except on rare occasions. While millions of Americans are now locked in cages or were formerly locked in cages, most never wanted to serve the rich in any direct way. Those who have been released and have tried to go straight, a euphamism for serving the rich, have found it extremely difficult to do so. In any event, they have scores to settle with the servants and have much in common with those we call terrorists. As isolated as they are when in cages, they have to admire the rebellion of those called terrorists and that one person can cause destruction far beyond what we might expect of any one person. Our prisons are domestic recruitment pools for terror.

Not far behind prisoners, will be Native, African and Hispanic Americans who have scores to settle with the rich and their obedient servants. The refusal of the masters to compensate these people for the life and property taken from them and their ancestors by the masters over hundreds of years, make natural rebels of them all. Add to them the members of the radical left and right and we have many miilions to carry on the work begun in Oklahoma City. As you wonder about your allegiance to the masters and look around for danger and warning, start thinking like a rebel, just in case. It is not the the goal of the rebels to destroy entire cities, yet. Rather, it is the goal to bankrupt the servants until they too rebel against the masters. Once you start thinking how much money you can cost the enemy, you can become far more creative than any member of Al Qaeda. Even if you have no intention of joining the rebellion, you will be safer and better able to survive the domestic war that began years before Oklahoma City.

The plans to impose martial law in America will work as well as they would in Afghanistan and Iraq. The servants of the rich will become loyal to local warlords. Donald Rumsfeld’s light, fast armies will be far too few to fight globally and domestically. When government returns to conscription to build up their forces, recruits will be slaughtered as they stand in the lines. Millions will leave the U.S. to survive, watch what is happening and form fifth columns to fight with the rebels and against the servants of money, wherever they find them. War again becomes simple to understand. The rich against the poor. The weapons favor the rich. The numbers and strategy favor the poor. Place your bets. Make your plans. The lawless are coming to power. The law won’t save anyone. The old value system and its supporters have to go.